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"Volunteers are not paid
   - not because they are without value -   

but because they are priceless."

It is often said that volunteers are the lifeblood of community organizations.  No where is this better exemplified than with the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets.

The Hornets are very dependent on our many volunteers.  The vast majority of our coaches, while they receive professional guidance, are volunteers.  Perhaps you might be interested in taking a coaching position if the need arises?

There are also a tremendous number of less visible roles at the club, including various office functions, managing equipment and uniforms, scheduling fields, assisting with tournaments, etc.  Anyone for planting flowers at the clubhouse?

If fact, if you have a particular expertise or interest, or a certain amount of time (even if strictly limited) we can likely tailor a role that will work for you.  We can also accommodate high school students looking to complete their volunteer hour requirements.

Remember, being a Hornets volunteer is a rewarding activity, and one of which you can be justifiably proud!

Should you wish to pursue any opportunities, please contact the Hornets Office or a member of your Board of Directors.

Hornets Volunteer of the Year

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets sincerely thank all the amazing leaders, coaches and volunteers who have contributed their efforts to help young people have a positive soccer experience.  We also wish to particularly recognize those who made truly exceptional contributions to the club. Here are our David Bowyer Award winners for Volunteer of the Year:

2019 Volunteer of the Year: Stephen Mason

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Veronique Potvin

2017 Volunteer of the Year:  Greg Miller

2016 Volunteer of the Year:  Ian Faris

2015 Volunteer of the Year:  Angele MacRae

2014 Volunteer of the Year:  James Fleming

2013 Volunteer of the Year:  Ralph Ehlebracht

2012 Volunteer of the Year:  Mike Dussah

2011 Volunteer of the Year:  Jason Thompson

2010 Volunteer of the Year:  Steve McFarlane

2009 Volunteer of the Year:  Tom Ryan

2008 Volunteer of the Year:  Paul Gorman

Volunteer Screening Process

Ontario Soccer policy and procedures require that individuals with access to vulnerable people, defined to include young competitive athletes, undergo a Police Records Check at least every 2 years.  

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets recognize that it is critical to ensure a safe and secure environment for all players and volunteers.  As a result, the Police Records Check requirement is required every second year for the following any volunteer or paid positions that come into contact with youth players.


The following documents must be submitted to Ottawa Police Services:

  1. A completed Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector form

  2. 2 pieces of valid identification (including 1 piece of photo identification)
  3. A letter from the Hornets attesting that the Police Records Check is required on behalf of a volunteer (this is available from the Office Manager upon request).  Note:  the fee for the Police Records Check is waived for volunteers.

The above documentation can be dropped off in a sealed envelope at the Hornets Nest Clubhouse for bulk delivery to Ottawa Police Services (OPS).  Any required Police Record Checks that are not dropped off at the clubhouse by this deadline must be immediately finalized and sent in by the applicant directly to Ottawa Police Services.  

Should you receive your Police Record Check (which generally take from 6-10 weeks) directly from the OPS, please send it directly to the Office Manager upon receipt.