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2020 Summer Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change and times may be adjusted for entering next phase of Return to Play


Age categories are based on the age a player is turning in 2020.

Birth years 2011 & 2008

All U9-U12 players must participate in our Spring/Summer Assessments.

For more information, go to our Spring/Summer Assessments page.


Boys & Girls

Club Registration: 

  • $470 early bird (until Feb 24, 2020 at 11:59pm)
  • $520 regular (after Feb 24, 2020)


  • Spring - Two indoor training sessions per week
  • Summer - Two outdoor training sessions / week and one game
  • Includes - Hornets Training t-shirt
  • Certified Coaches and Program Oversight from Technical Director Team.

Lead Coaches (boys and girls):

  • TBD

Schedule (girls and boys):

Please click on the PDF document below to download the 2020 SPRING schedule

Spring and summer breaks

  • May 11 to May 18 
  • July 26 to August 8

Program Overview

During the spring season, the Learn to Train (L2T) program offers a structured weekly dome sessions following our Hornets methodology with session plans which reflect the principles of the Long Term Player Development program under the guidance of the Technical Director.   Additionally, the L2T program includes weekly gym sessions. The gym sessions offers benefits not found in the full-size game as players refine their technique through faster game play in a smaller area with a heavier ball, which helps their decision making ability and awareness on the field, before making the transition to the outdoor fields during the Summer season.

Players and teams transition from indoor training to outdoor fields sessions and league games in the summer season. The teams are expected to participate on league play (East Region Soccer League - ERSL) in addition to their two outdoor training sessions per week.  Additionally, teams might schedule exhibition games and participate in different tournament during the season. This will be determined by the Head Coach in discussion with the parents and Team Managers.

For ERSL game nights, please go here

What additional costs can I expect?

In addition to the Club Registration fee, each player must purchase a Hornets game uniform kit at the cost of approx. of $80, and mandatory soccer equipment such as cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle. The game uniform can be purchased directly through Houle Sports (the Hornets official supplier); however, we recommend to buy the uniform through your Team Manager.

Team fees are agreed upon in consultation with your Team Manager. This includes, but is not limited to: coaching fees, equipment, tournament costs, and costs associated with mandatory gym and/or dome sessions during Spring training.

Fundraising events and campaigns are encouraged, and should be considered an important way to offset team fee costs.

Any questions regarding the Club Registration Fee and or Team Fees, please contact the club to 

LEARN TO TRAIN - Long Term Player Development

This "golden age of learning" when children become less self-centered and are more able to reflect on their actions and learn from mistakes, provides an optimal window for further development of skills. The focus is on learning by doing, building a larger repertoire of soccer movements, and teaching the basic principles of play - in a fun and challenging environment.

What do I need to play?

  • Indoor soccer shoes for gym sessions.
  • Cleats for use in dome and on outdoor field;
  • Shin pads;
  • Socks, shorts & Hornets t-shirt;
  • A water bottle;
  • A size 4  soccer ball (optional);
  • Someone to provide high fives at water breaks!

Click the Link below to Register!


 Birth years 2011 - 2008

You must be registered in the U9-U12 L2T program in order to participate in the Individual Development program.


  • $95 early bird (until Feb 24, 2020 at 11:59pm)
  • $110 regular (after Feb 24, 2020)


  • One Individual session per week (Dome)

Schedule: Spring Season Cancelled


This program offers a structured 60 minute "Individual Development" dome session following the "Gloucester Hornets" methodology and session plans which reflect the principles of long-term player development under the guidance of the Technical Director. 

This session is open to all our U9-12 players (boys & girls) and will be organized much differently from previous years as they will be conducted in small similar development groups divided on that day so all are challenged each and every week. 

These sessions will place emphasis on the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological factors of soccer.  Within technical factors we seek to build a greater repertoire of soccer related movements.  Tactical factors seek to improve environmental awareness and decision-making.  While physical and psychological factors seek to improve the conditioning and stamina of the players.  The primary goal of this program is to further develop skillful, creative, and imaginative players in a fun but challenging environment!  

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